Coachella Fashion 2012: What to pack in your bag?!

Coachella Fashion 2012: What to pack in your bag?!

Coachella Style is in a league of it's own, so before you head to the desert here are a few things you've got to pack in your bag.

First and Foremost—a pair of denim cutoff is ESSENTIAL and why not go for it with this Runaway Dreams Two Tone Studded pair.

They are the perfect waist line and the color scheme is perfect.

Next, you definitely need something from the designer Blu Moon in your suitcase—They make amazing pieces that are perfect for Coachella.

I love this Asymmetrical leopard skirt from the label—It's trendy and will keep you cool on those hot days. It retails for $82.00.

Next, you need a good messenger bag—One that doesn't get in the way when you are engulfed in all that is Bon Iver... and for that, I am dying for this Totem saddle blanket bag—and while it won't get in the way, it's big enough for your camera and cell, which are must haves as well.

And you've got to have something that's backless—and this Blue Life Spider Tee is incredible. It's 79.00 and looks fantastic with some high waisted shorts.

And you need something super girly that you can play up with edgier touches and for that I love this dress by Jen's Pirate Booty. It's $300.00 and you can get it Planet Blue.

I'm Brianna Baxter for Daily Style.

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