David Beckham's Clothing Line, Coming Soon?!

Is David Beckham following in the footsteps of wife Victoria, and planning on launching his own clothing line?!

According to People, our biggest wishes might be coming true. Beckham just recently collaborated with H&M to debut his body wear collection and we can't forget that delicious commercial that came along with it.

But now, it looks as if the soccer stud has been bitten by the Fashion Bug. He said, quote, "Five years ago, if someone had asked me if I was going to have my own underwear collection I would have said, 'Probably, not no. But plans change, life changes so we'll see."

Here's to hoping that David Beckham jumps on the Beckham name because we all know how amazing Victoria's line has proved to be.

She won the designer brand award at the British Fashion Awards just last November and dished that she wouldn't have had the courage to pursue her dreams if it weren't for her hubby and the feeling's mutual.

David said, Victoria proved to be a big part of his collection for H&M because he trusts her judgment, and maybe we won't just see a David line, but a collab?!

As long as it doesn't resemble those matching leather outfits, I'm in. But a man as good looking as David, with a passion for fashion like he's got—I'm pretty sure the line won't be a disappointment and if it comes with another commercial, bring it on.

I'm Brianna Baxter for Daily Style.

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