Little Kiva's !!

Kerry Hanaphy
Nurse injecting for 8 yrs. trained in the UK
Prices from €250

Im sure this video will cause some negativity but this is my life and im sharing this with my followers...
If you don't understand it thats fine you don't have to agree with it or follow my channel.
I share my life with the world because i like to see reality and its nice to see someone being honest about how something feels.
I hope i helped make your decesion easier if you have considered lip fillers.
I would reccomend the Lady that did mine as she made me feel very relaxed about the treatment and explained it so well.
Thats why i have given her information above.
She visits salons in your area to preform the treatment.
It last from 6months to a year!
So if you dont want it its not permenant =)

By: LittleKiva


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