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MIAMI - Mara Hoffman is a New York-based designer who is often seen at New York Fashion Week, but her swimwear line is also one to watch. This season, at Miami Swim Fashion Week 2012, she showcased her trademark bohemian look but in a strong woman sort of way. It makes sense that the collection is called, "Leaders of their own destiny." There were lots of prints, but also floral details and Egyptian-style embroidery and the women wore their hair braided in a sort of tribal element that was added to the line. They also wore a bit of war paint on their foreheads, reminiscent of other strong "warrior woman" collections that were showcased with paint on the face. Like other swimwear designers this season, Mara also had lots of bikinis and monokinis, maxi dresses, tunics, and coverups in vibrant prints and neon colors.

Appearances: Reethe, Kristen, Mara Hoffman (Designer)

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