Review: BH Cosmetics Jenni Rivera eyeshadow palette & more!

Thanks for watching this review! I enjoyed recommending the new products to my collection! If you are starting off as a make up artist and need to start off a kit, here are some great items that you can purchase at an affordable price. The pigment and the color pay off is outstanding and I find that some of the eyeshadows are SIMILAR to my favorite MAC eyeshadows! Possibly adding 2 of BH Cosmetic eyeshadows would get you even closer to a MAC shadow! Overall I loved the products! The only concern that one may have is that it does contain mineral oil in the products. I don't worry about it too much for my products on my eyes because my body lotion (lubriderm and vaseline body gell) contain mineral oil. Please comment and rate!!

By: rissrose2


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