Tom Ford Make Up Tutorials: Part 3 -- The Perfect Brow

Here, the Motilo make up artist shows you how to achieve the key Tom Ford beauty trademarks with this series of video tutorials. Comprised of four elements, each factor to a beautifully made up face has been broken down into specific parts to enable you to perfect each technique flawlessly. Complete with written guidance from Mr Ford himself, the videos are perfect to get ready for party season.
The last few years have seen Tom Ford expand his brand from one of menswear, to one that incorporates womenswear, accessories, fragrance, beauty and even film. First having been responsible for the stratospheric soar in commercial success and desirability of brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci, it is still relatively recently that he has made his mark under his own name.
How to get the Tom Ford perfect brow:
"The eyebrow is the one and only thing you can alter on your face without cosmetic surgery. You can't move your nose, but you can move your eyebrows. If you've got a round face, you should not have round eyebrows. You should have an arch. Because just that angle of the brow will lend an angular quality to your face. If you have an overly angular face, on the other hand, you might want a softer, rounded brow, because it will soften all the sharp lines. So you can do a lot with the brow." -- Tom Ford
After first achieving flawless skin and sculpting to perfection by following our previous guide, one should begin by brushing out the brows in an upward motion. There is a professional quality brush included on the end of the Tom Ford Brow Sculptor.
Ensuring the tip of your eyebrow filler is sharpened, again there is one included in the Tom Ford Brow Sculptor, begin the shade in the eyebrows in short even strokes.
'I'm about structured, beautiful, arched, thick, brows, not over plucked, over waxed brows. I like a groomed brow, but not an overly groomed brow that looks almost plastic. Brows must be groomed but natural looking.' -- Tom Ford

Once you are happy with your handiwork stop. Do not overfill. They key is for a strong, but not false look.

By: MotiloTV


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