Tom Ford Makeup Tutorial - Part 1 Flawless Skin - Motilo

Tom Ford Makeup Tutorial - Part 1 Flawless Skin - Motilo

Tom Ford beauty have teamed up with to show you how to achieve the key Tom Ford beauty trademarks with this series of video tutorials. Comprised of four elements, each factor to a beautifully made up face has been broken down into specific sections to enable you to perfect each technique flawlessly. Complete with written guidance from Mr Ford himself, the videos are perfect to get ready for party season.

The last few years have seen Tom Ford expand his brand from one of menswear, to one that incorporates womenswear, accessories, fragrance, beauty and even film. First having been responsible for the stratospheric soar in commercial success and desirability of brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci, it is still relatively recently that he has made his mark under his own name.

How to get Tom Ford flawless skin:

Firstly, ensure skin is clean and moisturised. Using the specific foundation brush, cover the entire face with either the stick or fluid foundation in smooth even strokes. Build up on areas that require more coverage, but ensure to blend thoroughly in order to achieve the perfect, satin finish.

"Foundation needs to be put on with a brush. You get a much more flawless finish that way. With your fingers, you can't get that flawless surface. It's like putting paint on a canvas with your fingers versus a brush that is absolutely smooth, made of very fine hairs. It's the same thing! So, sure, you can put foundation on with your fingers. You can do a whole face with your fingers. But, honestly, with a foundation brush, and with a stick foundation, which is my preference—as long as you moisturise before because then it will just glide on right on top—that combination of a foundation brush with a stick foundation is flawless." - Tom Ford

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