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Here, the Motilo make up artist shows you how to achieve the key Tom Ford beauty trademarks with this series of video tutorials. Comprised of four elements, each factor to a beautifully made up face has been broken down into specific parts to enable you to perfect each technique flawlessly. Complete with written guidance from Mr Ford himself, the videos are perfect to get ready for party season.
The last few years have seen Tom Ford expand his brand from one of menswear, to one that incorporates womenswear, accessories, fragrance, beauty and even film. First having been responsible for the stratospheric soar in commercial success and desirability of brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci, it is still relatively recently that he has made his mark under his own name.
How to get Tom Ford flawless skin:
"We all, whether we know it or not, respond to subconsciously as human beings to symmetry. That is where this beauty standard comes in: symmetry is considered beautiful in our society." - Tom Ford

After first achieving flawless skin by following our previous guide, apply the Tom Ford Translucent Finishing Powder to the central panel of your face which tends to require the most mattifying. You can do so using the brush supplied with the compact.
Once you have achieved the desired amount of shine reduction, and set the foundation underneath, it is time to begin sculpting the face. "Understanding your facial architecture is number one." - Tom Ford
The Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate compact is cream based and comes in two colour variations: intensity 1 for fair to medium skin tones and intensity 2 for those blessed with a darker complexion. Using the Tom Ford Cheek Brush apply the shading formula to the hollows of your cheek, running just beneath the bone to accentuate facial structure. Blend evenly.
Using the same brush (ensuring it is clean), apply the illuminating cream to the outer edges of the eye socket and along the top of the cheek bones. More can be added to any other areas you wish to highlight.
Continue with this process until you have achieved perfect symmetry and definition.

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