Exquisite Wedding Couture by Dany Mizrachi 2012 ft Kasia Swan by Photographer Yaniv Edri |

WORLD - The models are amidst Roman ruins as they pose in Dany Mizrachi's exquisite wedding couture collection for 2012. Key hole satin gowns mixed with sequins, lace, and draping make for sleek looks that command attention. Intricate beading, Grecian goddess-inspired gowns and massive ball gowns look glamorous against the historical edifice. Tiered gowns and tulle extra is also added to the mix. Gowns also come in deep colors like royal blue and red.

Designer: Dany Mizrachi
Model: Kasia Swan (Elite Models ISrael)
Photographer: Yaniv Edri
Hair & Makeup: Miki Buganim

By: fashiontv


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