How I made my custom eyeshadow palette :)

♥Disclaimer: I would recommend this project for adults 18 years and older. If you are under 18 seek parental guidance if you'd like to attempt anything like what I do in this video. I use a candle to loosen the eyeshadows from their pans, this involves using a flame and so I have to warn you about how dangerous something like that can be if you aren't careful. So you've been warned :)

I decided to de-pot and reorganize all of my Maybelline Expert Eye eyeshadows. I reused an old palette, gutted it and refitted it with the freshly de-potted shadows. Then I put a fleur de lis vinyl wall sticker to the front of it to personalize it a bit, hope you like it!

96 color eyeshadow palette (for outer case shell)
sewing pin
eyeshadows to de-pot
clear workspace (lay something down to protect work surface)
vinyl wall sticker kit

By: cupcakeonawire


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