Kim Kardashian's 'Wel-Kim To My World', Nail Polish Line: Nicole by O.P.I.!

Kim Kardashian debuts her newest line of Nail Polishes, Wel-Kim to My World.

Talk about Kim centered, the brand new collection for Nicole By OPI leaves no bottle untouched by the reality stars name, Kim—even including the title of the polishes which is spelled W-E-L-K-I-M. Wel-Kim to my world!

The collection is now available at CVS stores and includes six different polishes.

On Kim's blog—she writes "There are six new colors, which are really feminine and flirty."

The first color is Kim Konfidential, which is a nude shade that is perfect for spring and to pair with those bright neons which are so in for the warm months.

The next is Here Kim's the Sun which is another toned down color—but with a little added sparkle. This is a great polish for the accent nail trend that I love so much!

And there has to be a pastel and for that, there's Up & Kim-ing Pink which is a fun bubble gum color.

And my FAVORITE color of the bunch is Nothing Kim-Pares to Blue—which is a gorgeous lilac hue that will look FANTASTIC with just about anything—not to mention, it's a super hot color for spring.

And another cool color that isn't too wild, is Lights Kim-era action which is a pearly color, perfect for those summer weddings!

And last but not least is Others Pale by Kim Parison which is a light white that is great for a natural beachy look!

I'm Brianna Baxter for Daily Style.

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