Beyonce's Beauty Secrets: Hair & Makeup Tips!

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Who knew that mega star Beyonce does her OWN hair and makeup most of the time— talk about amazing!

Beyonce dished to People Magazine that the first time she tried makeup she was a mere 6 years old! Playing with her mom's makeup, Beyonce put on blue eyeshadown, red lips, and an overload of blush saying she looked like a clown, but felt beautiful!

And Beyonce is still doing her own makeup for a lot of her arrivals—but she's come quite a ways since the days of looking like a cartoon.

This mega star knows what she's doing, always glowing and looking put together with her basics—lip gloss, blush and a little moisturizer and depending on the day, she wears Mascara.

And, Beyonce admits to People magazine, her beauty faux pas, keeping old mascara! But, she actually prefers it because she swares it makes your lashes look thicker and longer!

But, Beyonce's beauty expertise don't stop at makeup, she even cuts her own hair!

This star spent her childhood around her mom, Tina's salon and told People because of it, she likes to play around with her hair style—anything form giving herself highlights to bleaching the tips!

Just recently, Beyonce spilled to People that she gave herself a cut, and trimmed two inches off her hair, herself!!

But despite the new Momma's love for beauty, she is teaching her baby Blue the thing she deems most important—inner beauty saying quote, "It's really about who you are, and the human being, that makes you beautiful!"

I'm Brianna Baxter for Daily Style.

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