Hair tutorial: Beautiful bouncy curls!

I get A LOT of requests on how I do my hair and I've always been a huge fan of hot rollers so I decided to do a tutorial for you guys! I love using hot rollers because 1) It's fast and easy. You can put them on and get into your car, and take them off before walking into work or any special occasion...I may or may not have done that ;) 2) I believe it's less damaging than a hair curler alone since the heat you use with hot rollers cools down as it curlers your hair so it's not a constant high temperature on your hair 3) Your curls really do LAST LONGER! I've totally noticed that.

List of Products:
-Babyliss Ceramic Hot roller
-Babyliss 2" Curler
-Paul Mitchell Express Style heat protectant
-Pureology Super smooth hair serum
-Rat tail comb
-Santina Hair Brush (Costco)

By: AlbaMayo


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