Makeup smokey oriental eyes

First apply the makeup to the eyes; conceal the natural color on the eye lid and start with light pink color on the lid, adding darker pink at the corners of the eyes. Next add darker colors at the corner of the eyes, add eyeliner and mascara. Use brown eyeshadow to line the eyebrows. Use a kabuki brush and cover makeup to smooth the skin on the face. Use a pink lip color first on the lips, then add a nude lip color to the lips. This is a makeup how-to video for cosmetologists, beauty school students, estheticians, skin care therapists, salon and spa professionals for continual education to make more money in their professional field. The video is muted due to the lows of not having music that was not produced by this channel. Ariel Perper did this makeup; video by BeautyHealthTravel Channel.

By: BeautyHealthTravel


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