Skin Microdermabrasion, Glycolic Peel

First the physical exfoliation is used by diamond microdermabrasion machine, next the chemical exfoliation is used by applying the Glycolic Peel to loosen the enter-cellular glue between the skin cells to get rid of dead skin, so the new skin cells will be produced more rapidly. Then the skin is neutralized; since the Glycolic Peel is acid, and alkaline neutralizer is applied to the skin and the skin has been rinsed with water. Next, the skin is nourished by the hyaluronic acid and moisturizers. Finally, a sunscreen is applied to the skin for protection from UV rays. With microdermabrasion machine; the more pressure is used, the more suction is performed. Do not use microdermabrasion to any skin that has acne, is sensitive or sensitized. If any skin sensitivities are preset, use Lactic Acid instead of Glycolic acid. Make sure to wear gloves during the procedure to protect the client and yourself. Avoid sun rays after microdermabrasion and Glycolic Peel. For any facial for sensitive skin follow the "LESS RULE:" less pressure, less heat, less product, and less time. Find out how Glycolic Peel feels on the skin: does it burn a little? Do not get the acid peel on the lips. Learn about Fitzpatrick Scale for the skin tones. Level one indicates the lightest skin. Some chemical peels are designed based on the Fitzpatrick Scale. Learn about Zink Oxide and sun protection. This video is for cosmetologists, estheticians, skin care therapists, skin-spa professionals, beauty school students, and salon and spa therapists. The procedure was done with Patricia Swayze. The model was M. Lahham. The video is produced by BeautyHealthTravel Channel.

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