Official Innset Fashion Week Innsbruck ft I Love Fashion - Austria 2012 | FashionTV

INNSBRUCK - Innsbruck, Austria is the location for Innset Fashion Week, which celebrates fashion, design, lifestyle and art for international designers as well as Austrian talent. FashionTV has their own display at the event with fashionable clothing from their brand and luxury energy drinks like F 88 and F 18. I Love Fashion, FashionTV's premiere clothing line, has its own runway show at the week-long event showing denim, leather, military style jackets, F emblazoned pieces, studs, copper looks, and daytime dresses. Other brands like Manufaktur Herzblut, Maximilian, Hod Couture, Phantasya, Steinbock, Teresa, Danillo, Madame Mimm also present their lines on the catwalk.

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